What are coaches saying about ReQRuitme Technology?

Taylor Wray
Head Lacrosse Coach
Saint Joseph's University
"The ReQRuitme concept is something unique and innovative. It's fast, simple, and offers college coaches access to prospects recruiting information instantaneously. The fact that it is mobile, and can be accessed using smartphones and tablets makes it really efficient. After meeting with the ReQRuitme developers, I think it is only a matter of time before every high school recruit in the country, in all sports, is going to have there own personalized ReQRuitme QR code for recruiting purposes."

Coach Conor Ford
Offensive Coordinator
Drexel Men's Lacrosse
"Time is VALUABLE! Anything that saves us (College Coaches) time is important! The ability to instantly see a potential recruit's vital statistics, (on your phone), like SAT Scores, GPA, Honors, Awards, Club Coach, High School Coach, while you're watching them play right there is KEY! As a coach, there is tremendous value in receiving recruit information instantly while you're watching a player. You don't have to go back to a site or view a dvd. It's all right there on your phone. And you have access to the player's personal email address so you can email the player right there and start the process. The Share Athlete feature is good to take notes right there and send them. You don't have to transcribe your notes later. And you can send it to another coach for them to see."

Chris Goldberg
Lacrosse Media (PhillyLacrosse.com/TopLaxRecruits.com)
"ReQRuitme is the right tool at the right time for the many players, parents and coaches wrestling with the rigors of lacrosse recruiting today. After interviewing numerous recruits and speaking to their parents, I can't imagine a better idea than streamlining all the player's information into one mobile application. The ReQRuitme product, with its mobile technology, will revolutionize the athletic recruitment process. If you are a High School Student-Athlete wanting to promote yourself to college coaches, ReQRuitme is a must have. For camps and showcase events, ReQRuitme saves the organizers time and brings enormous value for the college coaches/recruiters in attendance. And for college coaches, ReQRuitme is a huge time-saver and an invaluable tool. The trend of mobile technology has changed the landscape of aggregating information; ReQRuitme is the perfect avenue to ride the wave."

Coach Kacy Small, Lacrosse
380 Lacrosse Owner/Founder
The Hill School Boys Varsity Lacrosse Assistant Head Coach
Thailand National Lacrosse Team Member
"I have been helping players get recruited since 2006 and ReQRuitme is by far the BEST recruiting tool I have seen to date. The ability to get ALL the info a coach is looking for in seconds is huge. In today's technology age everybody carries their phone at all times so this product could not be more perfect. Coaches are able to "share athlete" and send the profile instantly to their position coaches and assistants who could be miles away at another event. This allows coaches to maximize their recruiting efforts and be efficient with their time. ReQRuitme is as user friendly as Facebook which allows players and parents to stay on top of their profile at all times. Every player, parent and coach I have showed ReQRuitme to has been amazed and instantly seen the value."

Coach Franc Cook
Assistant Coach, Arcadia University Men's Lacrosse
"I travel thousands of miles every year attending events to find the right players for my program. Although I enjoy every second of it, sometimes the huge booklet with countless rosters can be a bit overwhelming at times (college coaches can understand this on a windy or rainy day!) The ReQRuitme Technology is AWESOME! This technology will help reduce those complications by eliminating reams of paper used and save a coach’s eyes from the strain of trying to decipher the small print of a huge roster.

Just like the college recruiting process, technology is forever evolving. It’s time athletes and coaches alike catch up and utilize products such as ReQRuitme Technology that will make our lives easier! "

Coach Ben Waldron
Assistant Coach Lacrosse
Elmira College
"I think that you have a very nice product on your hands. ReQRuitme definitely streamlines the recruiting process and make access to information on athletes easier for coaches. When combined with recruiting rosters, (distributed at showcases/camps/tournaments), I believe that both the coaches and players will benefit highly from ReQRuitme. It's something I hope grows and becomes more popular and I look forward to using ReQRuitme in the future. "

Bryan Arra
Neumann University Men's Lacrosse Defensive Coordinator
Founder of Rumford and Rumford Lacrosse
Co-Founder of Eric Bishop's 4 Rings Lacrosse Camp
"ReQRuitme is an innovative and groundbreaking concept that is going to shape the way in which college recruiting will be done in the future. ReQRuitme, with its cutting edge technology, is going to make the recruiting process easier for both the athletes and college coaches alike. It's an interactive recruiting tool that will allow college coaches the opportunity to not only evaluate the potential students play on the field, but it also gives an in-depth look into the recruit's academics and off the field interest in real time, and instantly from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. The feature I personally like the most is the indepth look into the potential recruit's personal profile. This feature allows college coaches the opportunity to look at the student's grades, interest and future plans for college without the hassle of playing phone tag or emailing back and forth. ReQRuitme will give players a better way to market themselves, allows college coaches chance to look at the players SAT Scores, GPA, and Honors, Awards all while watching the play live. This feature allows coaches the opportunity to evaluate if the player and potential student is a good fit for their program and their University. Most college coaches have a lot on their plate before the season starts, and their time is very valuable. The information provided by the players on ReQRuitme is vital to the recruiting process and will save college coaches an insurmountable amount of time."

Brian Rendline
Owner/Head Coach
KnuckleDown Lacrosse

With everything from emails to banking to plane tickets being handled directly on your cell phone these days, it only makes sense that your college recruiting portfolio is given the same courtesy. ReQRuitme is an excellent app that brings your recruiting with you wherever you go and allows you to handle it on the road. Players go from tournament to tournament, spending hours on the road, ReQRuitme gives them the opportunity to stay on top of their recruiting and to do so with minimal impact on their daily lives. ReQRuitme has made staying on top of your recruiting as easy as updating your Facebook status. It has really helped me working with my clients to be able to make the recruiting process more manageable and I am able to see where they stand to help them find the best fit. ReQRuitme is the easiest way to get recruited.

Albie Crosby
Head Football Coach
IMHOTEP High School, Philadelphia, PA
Coach of the Year - PIAA District 12
"As a high school coach, I am constantly looking for ways to help my student athletes. College Coaches come to meet with players in my office and with ReQRuitme I can easily provide the recruiter with the athlete's promo card. With a quick scan of the code the recruiter has the all the athlete's information the coach needs right there on their phone. Every high school athlete should have a ReQRuitme mobile profile - it allows them to control their own recruitment efforts and helps them stand out from their competition. Not to mention, it makes it alot easier for a college coach to recruit them."

Coach Jason Pane
Football, Defensive Backs Coach
Delaware Valley College
"As a college football coach, I see tremendous value in this product. ReQRuitme offers a convenience to all parties involved. For the athlete, this product allows for maximum self-advertisement. Wearing the t-shirt to camps and recruiting visits allows for a transfer of information in an instantaneous moment. It also allows the athlete to send his or her academic, athletic, and personal information in bulk to the organizations of his or her choice. ReQRuitme also eliminates hours of work reproducing DVDs and also postage time and cost. From the coach's perspective, we no longer need to write feverishly as we discover young talent. A quick QR scan allows us to access the contact information we are looking for as we attend schools and camps. It then allows us to instantly evaluate the video loaded on the athlete's page. This expedites the entire collection and evaluation process. Lastly, I feel the cost of this product it what makes it exceptional. Recruiting services traditionally charge far more for far less customer control. As a consumer of ReQRuitme, you chose what information is available to the potential recruiters. Recruiting often comes down to communication and this product opens doorways for coaches to reach out to potential recruits. I see this product as a revolutionary way to recruit new talent in college athletics."

Coach Ed Howell
Head Coach Girls Softball
Cumberland County College
"Thank you, ReQRuitme, for a great recruiting tool. I can envision the time where every high school athlete will have their own ReQRuitme QR code. This is an incredible tool for athletes, parents and especially for college coaches. What a time saver! All the information (academic and athletic) a college coach needs is right there on a Student-Athlete's ReQRuitme Mobile Profile. What more could you ask for. Thanks ReQRuitme!"