ReQRuitme is a simple, fast, and affordable way for student-athletes to deliver their academic and athletic profiles to college coaches/recruiters.

ReQRuitme Is NOT A RECRUITMENT SERVICE. Through the use of mobile technology, ReQRuitme allows a high school student-athlete the ability to create a mobile profile that can be EASILY and INSTANTLY reviewed by a college coach on any mobile device.

What is a QR Code?
Upload your athletic stats, academic information, highlight videos and coaches' recommendations to the ReQRuitme Profile Builder and generate an immediate ReQRuitme code (QR code) with a customized mobile site.

Then put that ReQRuitme code on your business cards, postcards, shirts - and just like that any coach/recruiter can get your information in an instant.
Don't bother mailing DVDs, programs or news clips to a coach/recruiter. Tell your athletic and academic story using ReQRuitme. Get started right away on landing a spot on the college team of your dreams.